Elea Jeanne Schmitter is a photographer, a conceptual artist or a researcher, might be a little of each, according to the characters she interprets, the rituals she imagines, the parts of my life she tells and the feelings she shares.

Guided by an interest in systems of communion and conceptual clustering between people, her practice involve extensive research into the power and structure of secrecy and the precarious nature of truth.

Elea Jeanne Schmitter explores immersion as a form of creation, irrational decisions as a solution and the unexpected as a revolving door for what is to be next.

The artist's practice evolves through the process of a journey that is essentially utopian, of a narrative that presupposes a quest, the search for true love, spirituality and political ideology.

Eléa Schmitter is a French visual artist based in Paris.

After a BFA in International Public Law in France, she felt the need to format a spell based on the understanding of the power embodied by photograph as an image that can convey information, but also as a vector of how simple it is for our eyes to be deceived.

She received her BFA from Concordia University in 2018. She presented her work in numerous galleries across Europe and North America especially in Montreal at Centre des Arts actuels SKOL, Le Livart and the FOFA gallery.

She is part of the book “On Death” published by Kris Graves Projects in association with Humble Arts Foundation.

2020 Art et Images, Kourtrajmé Productions.
2015-2018 Bachelor Fine Arts Studio Arts, Photography Major, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada.
2011-2014 Bachelor in International Public Law at Faculté Libre de Droit, Lille, France.
2019 Tirana Photo Festival, National History Museum, Tirana, Albania.
2019 Sky High Skies, Transpace Gallery, IL, USA.
2019 Luftpost-Airmail, Kabawil E.V, Düsseldorf, Germany.
2019 Introspections, POPUP Gallery, Canada.
2019 Graduating Students Exhibition, FOFA & VAV Galleries, Canada.
2019 The Waste Land, Centre des Arts Actuels SKOL, Montreal, Canada.
2018 Photo as an object, Glass Gallery Concordia, Montreal Canada.
2018 Nature, Le Livart, Montreal, Canada.
2018 Résonance, VAV Gallery, Montreal, Canada.
2017 Conversations, Artgang, Montreal Canada.
2016 Generations, VAV Gallery, Montreal, Canada.
2019 On Death, Kris Graves Projects, HumbleArts Foundation.
2019 Dust, Darkslide V, Montreal, Canada.
2019 Figures de Style, Issue 2, Montreal, Canada.
2019 Religion, Ideology and Violence, Issue 27, TheForum, Montreal, Canada.
2019 Language, Volume 17.2 Issue 1, THE VOID, Montreal, Canada.
2018 Clicks, Darkslide VI Montreal, Canada.
2018 Substance, Volume 2, MESH MAG, Montreal, Canada.
2017 3am, Volume 15 Issue 1, THE VOID, Montreal, Canada.

**Work belongs to private collections

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